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In Eleven Constructions, we offer specialized renovation services for your project, whether it is a residential home or a commercial space such as retail, offices, restaurants, or hotel units. The company’s engineering team with long experience in renovations of premises, guarantees the remodeling of your interior or exterior space.

We undertake:

  • Interior remodeling
  • Electrical-hydraulic installation
  • Replacement of sanitary equipment and tiles
  • Kitchen replacement
  • Bedroom wardrobes replacement
  • Floor replacement
  • Smart energy solutions- improving the energy efficiency of your buildings
  • Doors and windows frames replacement
  • Issuing of energy performance certifications


We undertake the renovation of residentials and our primary objective is the complete satisfaction of your needs and desires. We attach a unique character in your space, by harmonizing high aesthetics with your personal style.

Commercial spaces

In Eleven Constructions, we have great knowledge and many years of working experience in renovating hotels, restaurants and other commercial spaces such as retail stores and offices. In collaboration with you, we create interior and exterior spaces where your clients feel intimate and comfortable. Our aim is to transform your space with responsibility and consistency, offering affordable solutions. A recent example is our recent collaboration with the Hotel St George Lycabettus, where we undertook the 51-room renovation and hallways in 4 floors of the hotel.

Why choose us

  • Affordable prices for renovations with the advantages of wholesale.
  • We guarantee the delivery of the project on an agreed cost, without hidden or unnecessary expenses.
  • We ensure the delivery of the project in certain pre-agreed time, with strict timetables.  
  • We use safe and eco-friendly materials with respect to humanity and the environment.

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