Interior design

With modern perception and aesthetics

We undertake the final shaping and decorating of your interior space, whether it be for your home, or for your business (retail, hotels, cafes, restaurants).

For the interior design of your space, we undertake:  

  • surveys of premises
  • the study and
  • the implementation of decorating your space
  • with the guarantee of choice
  • appropriate materials
  • furniture and
  • required equipment.

Concept Development

In Eleven Constructions, during all these years of our operation, we consistently develop comprehensive and feasible concept proposals for your business. Eleven Constructions is specialized in developing action plans that will go along with your brand and will show it off through your space. The main scope of all of our proposals are the needs of your business and your customers.

Rebranding via Redesign

Do you wish to renew your brand? Do you want to upgrade the experience you offer to your customer, when he is located at your space and enjoys your services? Eleven Constructions, with years of experience in interior design, will help you give new impetus to your business.

Residential Interior Design

We undertake the decoration of homes and create spaces with personality and attention to detail. Give your living space the final defining touches that will beautify every moment of your life.

Interior Design for Yatchs

Eleven Constructions is one of the few companies in Greece that operate consistently and reliably in the decoration of yachts and other cruise ships. We take care of the equipment and the furnishing in all spaces and types of cruise ships.

Why choose us

  • Affordable prices for renovations with the advantages of wholesale.
  • The survey that precedes the implementation is made in three-dimensional illustrations, so you can check the final result before the manufacturing process.
  • We guarantee the delivery of the project on an agreed cost, without hidden or unnecessary costs.
  • We ensure the delivery of the project in certain pre-agreed time, with strict timetables.  
  • We use safe and eco-friendly materials with respect to humanity and the environment.

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